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Wild Larder provides hands-on wild food experiences that are distinct, immersive and educational. Our expert partners, who are experienced and engaging instructors in their field, will teach you how to identify and harvest anything from hazelnut knock-off Nutella to free-range Chicken Of The Woods pizza, for delicious and tasty wild food meals.

Our Local Partners

We partner with local, ethical and socially-minded educators that are hand-selected and verified by us. Sustainability and safe practice is at the heart of all of our instructors, who are credible, experienced (and super friendly!) experts in their field. They are part of the communities where they live and work, so when you book an experience you support local jobs and businesses.

Morel mushrooms and fiddlehead ferns foraged in the wild

Sustainable Foraging

Make the most of nature’s well-stocked larder and discover the best practices for harvesting food in a way that does not harm the local ecosystem.  

Mother and son foraging for mushrooms

Safe Practices

Learn how to forage safely and responsibly with expert advice and actionable steps that will keep you safe on your wild food adventures.

Wild food outdoors people sitting around a campfire

Free Food For All

Be a part of local community action that helps us make better food choices and allows everyone to participate.