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Urban Forager – Mile End Towpath Walk


Urban Forager – Mile End Towpath Walk

Meet common wild edibles of the season already in their prime, as well as many about to flush into their moment.

This walk will introduce plants, herbs and mushrooms that grow commonly in a variety of ecological niches in London – exploring where to find them, what portion of the plant to harvest throughout the season, and how to align your foraging choices with responsible and interdependent ecological stewardship. Develop your knowledge of and relationship with local ecosystems to reclaim your place as a full and worthy participant in – not alienated from – the dance of nature.

Please bring your own harvest basket or bag, hand-pruners or shears if you have them, and note-taking materials if you’ll want them. This is NOT primarily a collecting excursion but an educational one, but it doesn’t hurt to have your materials in case, or for stopping to collect on your way home!