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Sustainable Foraging

Foraging wild food sustainably helps us understand our local landscape by learning how and why plants grow where they grow. It teaches us to value and respect the resources provided by nature and all of our local partners practice ethical and sustainable harvesting.

We only take what we need

We harvest what we need and leave the rest. As a rule, we take no more than 20% of what is available on any plant. Before we pick, we know what we are using it for, to avoid ingredients wasted. If we do need more, we take from multiple plants or locations rather than over harvest.

We care about the plant's lifecycle

We harvest to keep the parent organism alive, never removing all of the roots, seeds or flower heads that could damage growth. If you need to forage roots, we always recommend learning how and when with an expert first.

We leave protected species alone

We only harvest wild or invasive species that are not at risk or listed as an endangered plant. Visit the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland for more information on locally listed rare plants

We leave no trace and tread lightly!

Wherever we go, we follow the Leave-No-Trace rules and protect our local landscapes from impacts like overuse, rubbish, and harming endangered wildlife.

We harvest seasonally

We forage with plants in season and leave dormant or stressed plants alone, where cutting or removing parts of the plant could harm the local ecosystem. We always check the health of a plant before harvesting.